Press release from Glamanic Group AB:

The Glamanic app is launching - A positive alternative to time-wasting social media. Made for fans of beauty.

STOCKHOLM, SVERIGE – DECEMBER 6, 2023: In a world where social media often becomes a source of negativity and time waster, we introduce Glamanic – an app that focuses only on beauty. Glamanic is a dedicated platform to explore your passion for beauty products, without distractions. Glamanic is designed to give beauty lovers everything they need – from tutorials to video reviews of products and price comparisons of beauty products via Klarna Pricerunner. Now available in a first version in Sweden for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.

Why Glamanic?

Glamanic fills a void in the market with a dedicated platform for beauty enthusiasts. Glamanic is a community that is all about beauty. Here you can feel safe to explore, learn and share without fear of negative comments or irrelevant content.
“We created Glamanic to be a contrast to the time-wasting social media. Here you can actually learn something valuable about beauty and find the right products for you, at the lowest price.”
says Frida Fock, CEO of Glamanic Group.


What does Glamanic offer?

  • Get inspired by the best beauty tips and tutorials made by other beauty enthusiasts.
  • Create and share your own video reviews.
  • Compare prices on beauty products using Klarna Pricerunner.
  • Find like-minded people and share your best tips.


“I've been looking for a place where I can focus on what I love – beauty. With Glamanic, I don't have to scroll past irrelevant or negative content. It's a sanctuary, and I save both time and money!”
says Fredrica Birger, a user of the Glamanic app.


Download Glamanic (Sweden only)

iOS on Appstore or Android on Google Play.

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Glamanic is an app with a focus on beauty. Created to offer a positive and engaging experience in the often overwhelming world of social media, Glamanic is a dedicated platform for beauty fans. The app offers everything from tutorials to video reviews and price comparisons of beauty products, with integration of Klarna Pricerunner for the best possible deals. Now available in Sweden for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play, Glamanic is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to explore and celebrate beauty without distractions.

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